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Our Sports Medicine clinic has set out to help our community in achieving optimum health and performance. We are not your everyday Chiropractic office. At Elemental Chiropractic, we customize our treatments specifically tailored to your needs. Everything from plantar fasciitis, up to TMJ dysfunction we take a look at the whole body from a functional standpoint and address the dysfunction of the body instead of chasing pain. If you ‘fix’ a symptom (pain), not only will the ‘fix’ be temporary, but you only masked the body's response to telling you what is actually occurring. Pain is not the problem but rather the indicator that something else is going on. Find the dysfunction, correct the problem, eliminate the pain and prevent further instances. Using Chiropractic adjustments accompanied with Soft Tissue therapy and complimented with Active Care rehab in a guaranteed 30 MIN VISIT, has yielded our evidence-based approach to be the most efficient way of getting you better faster and
keeping you that way!



Flexibility, Adaptability, Movement

Ready for a change?


Passion, Spirit

Fuel the Passion,
Spark the Flame!


Balance, Power

Get Grounded, Be Strong!


Speed, Breath,

Heal the Breath,
Heal the Body.


• Tennis Elbow

• Golfer’s Elbow

• Rotator Cuff Syndrome

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Patellar Tendonitis

• Bursitis

• Myofasciitis

• Frozen Shoulder

• Sprain/Strain

• Poor Posture

• Pre/Post Surgery rehab and much more!




• Low Back Pain

• Neck Pain

• Headache

• Sciatica

• Carpal Tunnel

• “Pinched Nerve”

• Stress

• Car accident

• Pregnancy Pain

• TMJ dysfunction

• Breathing dysfunction


Elemental Chiropractic Philosophy

We at Elemental Chiropractic believe in providing patient centered care and educating patients in ways they can improve the quality of their lives and increase performance in the activities they wish to pursue. Using the principles of chiropractic, sports medicine, and rehab, we analyze movements and patterns to uncover the areas of joint restriction and functional deficits in motion that contribute to dysfunction and malady. Our approach focuses on bringing our patients to reexamine the basic elements that make up the pillars of health and wellness in addition to empowering them with the knowledge and tools to maintain their function and performance. Our paradigm relates back to the four basic elements that comprise life.


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