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Dr. Nathan Sermeno, DC, DACBSP®, CSCS®:

A graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic at the Southern California University of Heath Sciences, and did his undergraduate education at UC Irvine.


Growing up, he was always fascinated with strength-based sports and activities such as powerlifting, football, judo, wrestling, and arm-wrestling; this coupled with his desire to work with his hands led to him develop a passion for manual medicine. The world of chiropractic sports medicine was an ideal fit suited to his specific talents and goals. Upon graduating with his doctorate, he was accepted into the Sports Medicine Residency program at SCUHS where he received specialized training in the fields of sports medicine and active care rehabilitation. Doctor Sermeno is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, and received his certificate as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has worked closely with local high schools in multiple sports, college sports teams, private clubs, national and international governing bodies, and professional athletes in volleyball, football, and mixed martial arts (MMA). Dr. Sermeno has received multiple certifications in areas of functional assessment, soft tissue treatment, traditional taping and kinesiology taping techniques, as well as various joint mobilization and manipulative procedures. Dr. Sermeno is currently a co-founder and treating doc at Elemental Chiropractic as well as full-time faculty member in the chiropractic technique department at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic


Dr. Vincent Sermeno, D.C.:

A graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic at the Southern California University of Heath Sciences. Achieving his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton, his main focus was in Clinical Exercise Science. Devoting many hours to the kinesiology lab as well as participating himself in research studies, he developed a passion for Gait. His scholastic endeavors soon turned into a love for running wherein he participated in over a dozen races, including 3 LA marathons. It was his interest in Chiropractic that allowed him to run at peak performance and recover as quickly and efficiently as possible. Participating in every activity he can get his hands on from years of traditional sports such Football, Wrestling and Track& Field; he now explores the world of non-traditional sports such as endurance running, obstacle races, hiking, rock climbing, cliff diving, and one of his favorites pastimes, frisbee golf. If it wasn't for Chiropractic care and living the Elemental lifestyle, he would not be able to enjoy the activities he is so passionate about.

Dr. Sermeno, a RockDoc (RockTape certified), is also a co-founder of Elemental Chiropractic. He is also currently teaching Sports Medicine/Health Careers at Elizabeth Learning Center High School and their Health Academy, prepping the new generations to become the best health care professionals yet. Dr. Sermeno’s strong belief in active care and rehab education along with his knowledge of soft tissue therapies and chiropractic manipulation, he is the ideal representative for the new generation of chiropractors.



The Earth is strong, stable, and firm in its convictions and purpose. From its absolute center to the peak of its tallest mountain it consistently maintains balance and harmony. Building from the ground up the Earth is rooted in its belief to provide a steadfast foundation. Our bodies operate in a similar principle that we must be grounded by a stable foundation in which one will be allowed to move in a more safe and efficient manner. By addressing their deficits in core strength and stability patients will become empowered to overcome the challenges they may face. At Elemental Chiropractic we look for the source of the body’s dysfunction in order to begin the repairing process. Establishing a strong and stable core can prevent future injuries and debilitating incidents.


The source of water’s true strength lies within its ability to flow and adapt to the environment around it. Dense as a solid, formless as a liquid, intangible as a vapor; the transformative properties of this element allow it to surpass normal limitations. With water comes hydration and nourishment facilitating repair and establishing growth not only to the environment around us but also the environment within. Fluidity and mobility are key features of water as well as important characteristics for any healthy individual. This can apply to any single joint in the body or to a group of joints necessary forfunctional movement as a whole. Having correct movement patterns allows for maximum performance capability and injury prevention. Water will always take the path of least resistance and here at Elemental Chiropractic we support that same concept by freeing up any resistance to the nervous system. By removing those spinal restrictions we restore fluid movement to the body then compliment those adjustments with specific active care rehab exercises.


The properties of wind can change almost as fast as it changes direction. One moment it can be powerful and forceful, and the next it can be as soft as a light touch. The roaring speed of the wind can be deafening while at other times it is calming and silent. The refreshing variability of this element is the real source of its great potential. From a gentle breeze to a raging destructive tornado this continuum of power is ever changing. We must tap into that continuum and harness its raw potential. Wind represents our breath without it we cannot live. At Elemental Chiropractic we believe in the practice of correcting dysfunctions in breathing to provide the patient with a fully functional respiratory system. Using proper diaphragmatic breathing we can reduce stress, improve cardiovascular capability and allow the body to achieve optimal functional movement potential. This will serve as the basis for all other movements in the patient’s healthcare program.


Fire is an intense element characterized by warmth and light, which can be unpredictable and all consuming, Beginning with a single spark, this element has the potential to be harnessed for creation or if left unchecked its volatile nature can cause destruction. Fueled by passion, fire embodies raw energy along with determination. Fire represents the body’s spirit, the life energy, th e heart and all its metabolic components. At Elemental Chiropractic we believe in addressing the bio-psycho- social factors, which can dampen ones inner fire, contributing to heath issues and compounding dysfunction. We provide our patients with the tools necessary to stoke their inner fire and cultivate a healthy mind-body connection.



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